Carbon Cultivation Innovation Hub Challenging the Limits of Carbon Negativity

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research base

We depend on carbon fixed by plants through photosynthesis for most of the food, energy, and materials necessary for life. Humans successfully transformed from a hunting society to a cultivating society by inventing agriculture and succeeded in acquiring large amounts of food. However, modern society is still a hunting carbon society that depends on fossil fuels, and ancient fixed carbon resources, for energy and materials. The opening of Pandora’s jar of fossil fuels has brought about the disaster of global warming due to the increase in CO₂ in exchange for the development of our current civilization.​
Although solar, wind and hydroelectric power generation can provide energy cultivation without carbon, carbon cycling through carbon cultivation using biomass is essential because we will continue to depend on carbon for fuels and materials. Carbon cultivation is the only way to capture CO₂ released into the atmosphere. We challenge to realize an industrial revolution from a carbon-hunting society to a carbon-cultivating society.​


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Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

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